LOST CAT May 17, 2003, Decatur GA

Web Development Services: 1997–2012 (Business Closed)

"Joel Riggs is the ideal webmaster—he is easy to work with, fast and reliable. He has a good sense of visual aesthetics and a profound knowledge of the technology, yet he applies it judiciously to create a consumer-friendly website that is visually pleasing and easy to navigate."
Siegfried Ehrmann, Compositions Gallery

"Joel did an excellent and fast job of bringing our website into this century. He very graciously put up with all of our inane questions, which goes a long way in our book."
Cheryl Porter, Qualls Workman, LLC


"Joel Riggs is a reliable and competent web designer. He is very friendly, easy to work with and provides prompt, accurate results. His work for Righetti Wynne has been outstanding and I would highly recommend him." — Jess Gunther, Righetti Law Firm P.C.

"I'm writing to express our appreciation here at Scanmar for the work you've done — and are continuing to do — on our website. You took on the formidable task of reorganizing a years-old website that had grown to the point of being extremely complex and difficult to navigate through. You took the time to learn about the intricacies of the equipment involved, worked with us on the basic framework we wanted to have, and made many welcome suggestions, particularly about setting up a system we could use to add photos and data to the website as we desired. As with any major redesigns, small changes were found to be needed, or minor 'glitches' repaired — and your impressive response to a phone call or an e-mail invariably was a rapid answer saying that the corrections were made. Our website is nearing completion, and we're already getting comments from customers about the ease of use. There's more to do, and we'll probably never be finished tinkering with it, but you've made it a powerful, useful and flexible tool for our business." — Hans Bernwall, Scanmar International

  • www.PalioCafe.com - cafe - design/production, CMS, online ordering system, wholesale ordering system, 2000-present
    Palio Cafe

"Joel has worked with my two different graphic designers to create beautiful, easy-to-use websites. (1,2) I can access and change them easily, he has been very responsive to my questions and needs. I recommend him!' — Jennifer Buchanan, DDS

  • www.Emandal.com - family camp - design/production, CMS, portfolio system, 2009-present

"My website looks great! Thanks! Wow…I'm thrilled! And I get lots of compliments on it too..thank you! I greatly appreciate how easy it has been to work with you, Joel. I couldn't be happier with our work together!" — Sonja H. Sutherland, Learning in Action

"I can enthusiastically recommend Joel to anyone who needs a really user-friendly web wizard. Not only did he create a first rate web site for me, he personally explained and demonstrated how to access and utilize it to my satisfaction. He answered all of my questions, no matter how simple-minded, with clarity and the brevity that speaks to a mastery of his craft. He is easy-going, relaxed, inspires trust and places as much emphasis on the human aspects of his field as he does on the technology. He makes an invaluable partner and a good companion on the journey." — Nick Scoggin, SAG, AFTRA, AEA

Business Services

  • Filemaker Database Design
    • Mail Merge
    • Address Management
    • Email List Management
  • Organization
  • Writing - general business, blogging
  • Editing - medical, legal, technical, real estate, investment and business
  • Transcription - medical, legal
  • Proofreading - medical, legal, usage editing for speakers of English as a second language
  • Research
  • Summarizing content, executive summaries
  • Can do bookkeeping, time and expense billing, A/R, A/P, all of which I have done in my own businesses over the years
  • Am a member/user of and can consult/tutor for LinkedIn, FaceBook, Twitter, CraigsList, Google Maps, etc.
  • Graphic design for print
    • Business Stationery
    • Logo Design
    • Signage
    • Photography
    • Mapping
    • Charts and Graphs
  • Print production, including sourcing and overseeing printers and finishers
    • Reports
    • Directories
    • Advertising
    • Direct mail
  • Slide shows
  • PowerPoint presentation design and production
  • Small-scale Election Management for non-profit board election - 6000 members
    • Ballot design
    • Printing and mailing
    • Collecting, collating, counting and reporting results
  • Math Tutor - through 9th grade
  • Reading and Writing Tutor
  • Piano teacher - children and adults, through intermediate


Past Investments and Commercial Real Estate Clients - 1986 - 2005

"Joel Riggs has demonstrated a noteworthy ability to convey the technical jargon of real estate in a straightforward, clear, concise and meaningful presentation, on time and within budget."
Alan Cymrot

  • AMB Investments (NYSE: AMB) - print and report production "Joel takes our roughest ideas and concepts and quickly turns them into clear, visually appealing graphics, charts and maps. He is a pleasure to work with and the final product always exceeds our expectations. His level of attention and quality of service are outstanding." — Mike Scandalios, AMB
  • Metric Realty - print and report production "I have taken advantage of Joel's creativity and expertise for nearly six years. Conveying complex information via simple, understandable, and attractive 'pictures' is Joel's forte. Time and again, I am impressed with his ability to create that picture with limited instruction and a lot of data." — Michael J. Hoffmann, Metric Realty
  • Drever Partners - print and website production
    "For the past several years Joel Riggs has been giving graphic expression to some of our best ideas, both on screen and in print. His presentations are marked by their intelligence, vibrant color, and consistent clarity." — Maxwell Bruce Drever, Drever Partners
  • Prudential Financial Services - print production
  • Sedway and Associates - report and presentation design and production

Past Legal Clients - 1986 - 1995

  • Bechtel Construction - freelance proofreader on Diablo Canyon Rate Case, ca. 1989
  • Heller Ehrman White & McAuliffe - graphic and print design and production, 1989-1993
  • Bronson Bronson & McKinnon - graphic and print design, 1988-1995

Past Medical Clients - 1982 - 1987

  • Dartmouth Medical School - transcription, editing, preparing faculty research for publication 1982-1986
  • Various (through temp agencies) - patient education, writing, editing 1984-1987

Other Skills

  • Typing 80+ wpm
  • Intermediate French
  • Piano player, teacher, and accompanist
  • Aikido practitioner and teacher
  • Great with children
  • Photography
  • Expert lawn raking and mowing
  • Amateur plumber, carpenter, landscaper
  • Excellent parent



  • BA in Geography, magna cum laude, 1986, Dartmouth College


Joel Riggs, Web Developer
Decatur, GA
(678) 662-9237

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